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Organ Restoration Fund

St. David’s Organ Restoration Fund, established in 1995 to make much-needed repairs to our church organ, has helped to transform an aging instrument into a really thing of beauty.

The organ at St. David’s was built and originally installed in St. George’s Church by the M.P. Moller Company in 1953, and served that parish faithfully for 33 years until the construction of a new nave made a larger and more comprehensive organ a necessity.

organ b4In 1986, the organ was given to St. David’s by St. George’s and installed in the newly opened choir loft with minor repairs and tonal expansions. It was a splendid gift to say the least.

However by 1995, the organ was really beginning to show its age and exhibit the need for more repairs and revisions which were carried out by Luley & Associates of Pittsburgh. These encompassed upgrades in the electrical and mechanical systems, revoicing of certain stops, and the addition of four new voices.

These changes enhanced the organ’s ability to play the repertoire, accompany choral singing, and lead congregational singing and liturgy. Yet after 25 years of serving our parish, many of the concerns not addressed in 1995 became issues of importance and the Vestry and Organ Committee signed a contract with the Chesapeake Organ Company of Baltimore to carry out more necessary work.

organ aftThe most recent phase of the restoration included replacing the worn-out keyboards and pedalboard, and the inner motors in the expression and winding systems.

It also included the repair and return to use of a number of voices that were nonfunctioning, and tonal revisions to improve the balance and variety of sound.


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