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Sermons in the Round Tonight, August 13

Round 3: John Thatamanil’s “Healing and Disability”

Tuesday, August 13 from 6pm to 8pm (or so…)

Tailgate Brewery, 7300 Charlotte Pike, Nashville, TN 37209

“In the barn out back”–wear cool clothes!

What is Sermons in the Round? Sermons in the Round is a forum especially for folks who are unable to attend the Sunday morning Adult Forum discussions because they work, they have infants, they sing in the choir and/or they teach in the Sunday School programs. We will meet monthly at a local social spot, such as a brewery, pizza joint or park to gather, read a sermon “in the round” from a theologian active between the mid-20th century to present, then expand our theological imaginations in our discussion. Those who attend need to be prepared to have locals join us!

For Round 3 we will be introduced to Professor John Thatamanil. Thatamanil teaches comparative theology at Union Theological Seminary. Focusing on intersections between Hindu-Christian dialogue, Thatamanil works on a foundation of Paul Tillich, whom we have already read, but is driven by a central question: “How can Christian communities come to see religious diversity as a promise rather than as a problem?” Be sure to make it to Tailgate as close to 6pm as possible so you have a chance to get drinks and dinner if you wish.


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