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Revised – Reconvening in person church services

Dear Friends,
Our plans to reconvene in person services must be postponed. I have been keeping a spreadsheet of the increases and decreases of confirmed positive COVID-19 infections in Davidson County each week using numbers from the “county new” datasets” available on the website. Davidson County’s number of new cases held steady in the 500s for a few weeks, but they took a jump this past week. While under some new editions to Cooper’s plan, religious institutions may gather with groups of 50 or under, I am postponing our reconvening date. I would like to give you a date as to when that might be rescheduled, but I request your patience. We are all watching the numbers, and after the last week of close quarters marching, I would not be shocked to see numbers rise quite a bit.   Let’s keep gathering via YouTube and Facebook, Zoom and other means until the glad day of our in person reunion arrives. I plan to inform you of our new date to reconvene as soon as possible. If you have not read the “plan” for returning to in person parish life, please click the link below. It may help you understand what is required of this new normal.   Covenant Acts for Reconvening Saint David’s Parish Life in Time of Pandemic.

Peace be with you, friends.
With much love, Carolyn+


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