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Reconvening Saint David’s Parish Life in Time of Pandemic

Dear Good People of Saint David’s,
The news across the country gives us much to think, pray and act upon. I plan to write you this week with another letter sharing more on how we might think, pray and act regarding racial healing in our nation. However, today I wish to share with you our plans for reconvening in person gatherings at Saint David’s.

It may come as no surprise to you that as your rector, I have been both cautious and slow to publish a plan for reconvening our parish life as we live in the midst of pandemic. Thank you for your patience.
Covenant Acts for Reconvening Saint David’s Parish Life in Time of Pandemic

By clicking on the link above you will find the document I have prepared for Saint David’s with input from staff, Vestry, Bishop and clergy of the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee, and the 115 response to the recent Rector’s Survey. While I hope you will read through the entirety of the document, especially the pastoral note, I want to share the liturgical highlights of the plan. Beginning June 14, barring a massive jump in confirmed positive cases in Davidson County, we will convene as follows:

  • Sundays 8am Service of Holy Eucharist in the circle drive
  • Sundays 10:30am Service of Ante Communion live streamed on YouTube and Facebook
  • Wednesdays 12pm Service of Holy Eucharist in the Nave reserved for those 60+ years old. Reservations required. (Next week, I will send out the reservation link for the Wednesday service.)

This is a very concise rendering of the plan. There are more details that all of us need to know in order to engage this process thoughtfully and with the intention of being good stewards of our community. I encourage you to read it in its entirety, even, if like taxes, it is less than exciting to read.

Let me close by saying that if I had control over the entire situation, I would zap the virus off the earth and gather all of Saint David’s for one heck of an Easter Sunday service and a potluck lunch to follow. However, I’m not in control. None of us are. Instead, we have control over the degree of have faith we keep in the One that makes opportunities out of challenges. I’m not sure what the Divine is up to in this pandemic, but I believe firmly that remaining in solidarity with one another and the reconciling mission of the Church are at the center.

I hope this plan meets your hope of keeping our community safe while also providing opportunities for us to gather in physically wise ways that will feed our hearts and enliven our spirits during these wearying days. As always, I invite you to talk with me about any reflections this plan may bring up for you.

Peace be with you, friends.

With much love, Carolyn+


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