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Worship in the continuing age of Covid-19

Continuing every Sunday: 10:30 am Ante-Communion Service live-streamed on YouTube

We will continue to share our 10:30 am Sunday live streamed services through YouTube and Facebook Live.

Some people have taken comfort in coming to the campus to do some outside work or just walk the trails. You are always welcome to do so. You are also welcome to come sit in the nave at any time during the days too.

We hope that we can continue to keep in touch with all to continue helping ourselves and all of our community follow in the way of Christ. Continuing to abide in one another at a physical distance requires fortitude and discipline. It is also a lonely endeavor we ironically do together. Our Lectionary Explorer’s Bible Study continues to meet on Zoom, but we would love to see other faces and hear other reflections in our discussions. Let me know if you wish to sign up.


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