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This just in from Something amazing happened recently – you made your 500th loan on Kiva!  That’s pretty amazing stuff and we’d like to recognize you today for achieving this exceptional milestone. Thank you for all you’ve done to transform lives around the world through Kiva.

About Saint David’s involvement in

How it works is a micro-lending organization.  Field partners in over 80 countries interview  groups and individuals requesting a loan.  After approval, these groups are displayed on the website.  Groups and individuals throughout the world can donate to a particular group in increments of $25.00.  When a group has received the necessary amount of money it needs, the loan is funded and the entrepreneurs repay over a period of time.

How It All Began at Saint David’s

In 2007, the Vestry allotted $300 for 12 loans through—4 each to Ecuador, Uganda, and Mexico.  As loans were repaid, the money was redistributed to other groups and individuals.  Donations from individual parishioners and the Vestry increased our lending resources.

AND NOW…Saint David’s has made its 500th loan!  (Actually we’re at 506.)   We have made loans to 84 countries, including the USA.  Our loans have helped  groups and individuals with water purification, setting up and maintaining small businesses and cottage industries, and farming, plus improvements in homes and villages (to name a few areas).

Here are some statistics about Kiva at Saint David’s:

Amount of money loaned:                                                      $12,575.00

Amount of money repaid (to date):                                        $10,523.00

Funds lost:                                                                                    $202.00

Defaulted loans                                                                       16 (1.43%)

Approximate number of individuals impacted:                     1,200

As we continue to discern other areas of outreach, know that we have had an international impact through our loans.  We are in the 99th percentile in the number of loans worldwide made through Kiva.


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