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Holy Week is the final week of Lent, but also a time of intense preparation for the Resurrection. please join Saint David’s this week in some of the same gatherings and observances that our early Christian ancestors observed.

March 25, Palm Sunday: Liturgy of the Palms & Holy Eucharist at 8am and 10:30am

Palm Sunday is a service of opposites. The 10:30 service begins in Sanders Hall with a grand procession, waving fresh, green palms and singing raucous, joyful hymns. After the altar party completes a “holy pretzel” procession around the nave, we settle in to hear scripture. Then our mood is turned upside down as we participate in the passion story. Once we all cry out, “Crucify him!” the celebration is gone and we are faced with the long shadow of Holy Week ahead of us. This dramatic service intends to put all our senses on alert so that we might pay very close attention to the very important story Holy Week tells: that Christ loved us to the end, even death on a cross.

Communion Bread Baking, 4pm

Labyrinth Prayer 

Monday, 9am to Noon

Tuesday, Noon to 4pm

Wednesday, 1pm to 4pm, 6:30-8pm

Our small labyrinth will be set up in the Chapel. You are invited to journey your own Holy Week prayer pilgrimage by walking and praying this labyrinth. In the Middle Ages pilgrimage to Jerusalem, the Holy Land, was thought of as a work of Christian faith and an interfaith adventure as all three Abrahamic religions lived within its walls, each claiming founders rights to the city. Journey to the Holy Land was difficult, dangerous and expensive. For those who could not leave their fields and livestock or could not afford to go, local churches began constructing labyrinths for faithful to walk in lieu of a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. A labyrinth is different than a maze. While a maze is a puzzle to figure out, a labyrinth is a path that leads one into its center and then back out again. In walking a labyrinth, you are doing a form of walking meditation. If you have questions, please talk with Rev. Carolyn.

Reconciliation of a Penitent

Monday, Noon to 4pm by appointment

Tuesday, 9am to Noon by appointment

Wednesday, 8am to 11am by appointment

Thursday, 2pm to 5pm by appointment

The ministry of reconciliation is at the heart of what the Church does. While we corporately confess our sins in communal worship, you may wish to seek individual consultation, confession and absolution. While Rev. Carolyn is always available to walk this path with you, Holy Week is an especially appropriate time to seek out this ministry. She will be setting up appointments to receive those who would like to follow the service of reconciliation for a penitent, which is found on page 449 of the Book of Common Prayer. If you desire this, please email her:

Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep North

Tuesday, Soup & Bread at 5:30pm; Showing at 6pm; Discussion at 7pm

The Beloved Community: Diocesan Commission for Racial Reconciliation and Saint David’s invite the Diocese of Tennessee to attend a showing of Traces of the Trade on the Tuesday in Holy Week. We’ll gather in Sanders Hall for a small dinner of soup and bread, then move into the Nave for a viewing of the documentary and a discussion to follow. All are invited. So that we know how many to prepare dinner for, please RSVP to the parish office if you plan to join us for dinner.

Holy Eucharist with Lunch Following, Wednesday, 12pm

As is our custom we will meet at noon for our weekly Lenten Eucharist. However, instead of reading about a holy hero from our tradition this week, we will be reading from the lectionary for Holy Wednesday. It is the betrayal scene at the Last Supper scene from the Gospel of John. That we will share lunch afterwards might be an opportunity for reflection.

The Way of the Cross, Wednesday, 6pm

Known also as Stations of the Cross, the Way of the Cross is an adaptation of the custom observed by pilgrims to Jerusalem: the offering of prayer at a series of places in the city traditionally associated with Jesus’s passion. We will make our stops along the Way of the Cross in our own sanctuary at each station on the walls of the Nave and Chapel.

Maundy Thursday Service of Holy Eucharist & Foot Washing, Thursday, 6pm

The Maundy Thursday service tells the story of the Last Supper, but its primary meaning is to follow Jesus’s new commandment: “Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another (John 13:34). In fact the English word “maundy” comes from the Latin word mandatum meaning mandate, refers specifically to Jesus’s command in John 13:14-15 for the disciples to follow Jesus’s example of washing the feet of others. This is a dramatic service that begins with the intimate setting of washing feet and ends with stripping the altar bare. This service is a very  accessible service for all ages to attend.

Good Friday Children’s Labyrinth Walk, Friday, 10:30am

Kids are out of school on Good Friday! Bring them for a unique opportunity to learn about the very difficult story of Good Friday in terms they can relate to. We’ll hold a special “Children’s Stations of the Cross” and then share a snack. Plan on staying for the Good Friday Service that begins at noon. Bring a snack to share!

Good Friday Liturgy, Friday, Noon

At this solemn and minimal service where the crucifer carries the cross veiled in black, we will hear the telling of the Passion story from the Gospel of John, as we do every Good Friday. We will also have the opportunity to meditate upon the cross and consider its significance.

Easter Sunday Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday, April 1 at 9am

We hope you will join us for our annual Easter Sunday Potluck Breakfast. We have a wonderful opportunity to welcome newcomers at this brunch. Casseroles, breakfast breads, fruit, juice and plenty of coffee make this an excellent time to celebrate and meet new people.  Around 9:30am, our Youth Director and Youth Group will hold two Easter Egg hunts–one for little ones and one for older kids–outside on the playground (or in the undercroft if it rains). Bring your baskets.

Easter Sunday Holy Eucharist, Sunday, April 1 at 8am & 10:30am

Come celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a festive service of word and sacrament! We will also celebrate the service of baptism. The sanctuary will be transformed from the Good Friday tomb to the brilliant morning the three women heard the good news from the angel. And once again we will be able to sing out that word of joy and praise: Alleluia!

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