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Update on the Circle Drive Renovation

By now, most everyone has seen the hole in the asphalt where the “island” used to be and  perhaps have wondered, “Why isn’t anything happening?” There has been a break in the action, in which time a contract has been signed and materials have been ordered. Once the pavers have been delivered (mid-to-end of next week), visible work will continue with the laying of the design for the twelve foot inner circle. Placed into a background of light tan pavers, darker brown pavers will be laid in a pattern reminiscent of a symbol associated with St. David of Wales…imagine a stylized Celtic Cross. This symbol can be seen on a number of pictures or images of Saint David. The colors will reflect those of the brick and roof of our church building, while the design itself will be reflective of our namesake.

After the inner circle is in place, the asphalt will be poured around it and smoothed out to the sides creating a flat circle drive. Finally, the asphalt company will complete the project by sealing and re-striping all our paved areas. This large project is a necessary part of the maintenance of our parking areas and will also result in a fresh, appealing appearance for Saint David’s. Most importantly, we will provide six new parking places close to the Sanders Hall entrance for those of us with mobility challenges Dedicated funds, the majority of which come from the 2017 Bazaar proceeds and from an unexpected gift, will provide the necessary finances for the work.


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