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8am Holy Eucharist resumes on August 2

Dear Good People of Saint David’s,

I am very encouraged by the downshift in the number of new infections in Davidson County. So much so that we plan to reconvene our 8am in person Eucharist beginning Sunday, August 2. Note, however, that our regular 10:30am live stream of Ante Communion will continue as we have been doing since March 15 with only the clergy, organist, and lector present.   Thanks to the continued efforts of your Junior Warden, we will be meeting in Sanders Hall instead of outside in the circle drive. While we will be out of the sun, we will have windows open and fans blowing in fresh air as another fan blows out to encourage circulation. That means that along with the fresh air comes the humidity and the heat. We have screens; God willing, the bugs will remain outside.

Please know you must register each week by Friday at noon to attend the 8am Sunday Holy Eucharist services. We have only 30 seats. Please email or call the Parish Office to reserve your seat and those of anyone with whom you may come. Finally, as you could imagine, know also that you must wear a mask at all times. Hand sanitizer will be available.   I look forward to being in person with some of you again on Sunday. For others, you remain ever safe in my thoughts and prayers.

Peace be with all of you, friends.

With much love,

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