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As some of you know, I joined the church family in July. I am very excited about meeting you and growing a bond with you and your family.

My family has recently moved to Nashville from the coast of Mississippi. We have visited Tennessee for years and finally decided to make the move to this beautiful area.  My wife is an interior designer and works for Office Furniture and Related Services here in Nashville.  I have a soon to be 3 year old son, Sullivan Reed, and a 6 month old son, Francis Louis, or as we call him “Frankie Lou.” I myself, work as a special education teacher at Bellevue Middle School. I have a true passion and skill set for working with kids with and without disabilities or as I like to call them “diversabilites”.  I love the outdoors and I am very passionate about Mississippi State Football (Hail State) and Saints Football (Who Dat!)

This new venture in our lives is a big change for me.  I am in a new state. With that comes a new diocese and new people.  Although this is a new world for my family and me, working with youth groups is not. I have been a youth director off and on since 2003.

In Mississippi, I worked as a summer camp director for the past ten years. Pioneer Camp is a camp for high school age students. In a Christian environment, we take the students camping, sailing, kayaking, fishing, and much more.  During Pioneer Camp we overcome our challenges using fellowship and friendship.  I also have worked as a camp director for kids with diversabilites at Camp Able.  Camp Able is a vacation, Disney World, Christmas morning, birthday party, and family reunion all rolled into one. Camp Able is a gift of mutual respect and compassion wrapped up in silliness and love.  I plan on bringing the same passion and love to St. David’s that I have shared with the churches and camps that I have worked with in the past. I leave behind my last church, St. Marks in Gulfport, Mississippi. There we built a youth group that fed over 4,000 meals to the homeless. That held fundraisers to support families in the community at Christmas time. We also worked with the children’s shelter to insure all of God’s children knew someone loved them. I can’t wait to see how much love we can share here in Nashville and at St. David’s.

To the youth of St. David’s… this message is for you… Let’s work together and change the world. Together we can develop a youth group that will not only bring St. David’s together, but also the community that we live in. Together we will develop prayers, play games, share meals, feed God’s people, and share love with the people we meet. I look forward to building this group together and can’t wait to get started. Come find me the next couple of Sunday’s and let’s talk.  I welcome all calls and emails.

Warm Regards,




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